11 Mar

I forgot to update this poor ol blog for a while now, heres some updates!

Yder finally got finished :3 his owner was very happy when she got him ❤

I was commissioned to paint two Bory heads seen here

I’m working on a Lati Green Lea, she won’t be finished till my deadlines are gone next week

I finished the triple littlefee commission and I was very pleased how they turned out!
Dreaming Elf Ante


Elf Ante

I was very lucky recently in recieving a Vesuvia from a friend, I modified her faceup a little bit (green eyebrows and red lips) so she suited the character I gave her more. She looks so pretty ❤ I won't spam my blog with pictures of her though haha. Thats what my flickr is for.

I’m also killing time, not really working on my projects…bad me T_T I’ve been tweeking my sculpted head into a troll though, IT REALLY WORKS. I’m looking forward to painting him when I get the time. Sorry for the horrid picture quality, this one was from my phone keke.

Also been drawing a bit…

I’ll be posting that pic on www.rebels-revenge.deviantart.com (I don’t think the link works but just copy and paste it into your browser address) whenever I finish it…..
Now I’m waiting for my new unoa to arrive :3 Yey Chibi ❤


Eye Eye Cappin!

10 Feb

Commission work THUS far, for a littlefee ante elf faceplate eye opening and a Yder Sleeping head eye opening. Both to dreaming!

Prep pencilling!

Guide holes

Work in Progress cutting

Nearly done, Ante still needs some more defining by the looks of it and I will be sanding her a bit more too. Pic is just to show the general eye shape and how it will be. It’s so hard to make eyeholes T____T;

Yder I would say is pretty much done, a little bit of drilling was needed to make the eyes fit better. I’ve sanded him since this picture, apoxie was added to reinforce some thin bits of resin I had come accross at the corners of the eyes but nothing too major and is hardly noticeable even without faceup!

Lastly a little bit of spam of my finised Lusis boy, he finally got a mnf body a couple of days ago ❤

Some New Stuff

6 Feb

I’ve been on a faceupping spree hahaha
Commission Work For A Friend:

AND THEN. I found that my Shiwoo fitted these chalco legs that I have on loan for a friend and went mad updating his character he looks so cool! When I finish his painting overall I may post some on here. I may redo his face as well I’m not 100% happy with it still.

Next up is my idle Carl, he’s been flitting between characters for a while now. Now that I might have some solid characters coming up (my Karsh and Chloe Vampire) I came up with a character who could fit in with those two. Hence forth I made my carl to a dreaming elf vampire not sure on his name or his faceup but I like how his mods went : D


Finally two mnf who are the same character but now split into two people, Rayven (mnf lishe boy) and Robyn Cinder (mnf DES). The original character was just Robyn, a boy who was girly and crossdressed. I disliked the idea finally for him and wanted him to be more boyish but I also liked Robyn being a girl :[ so I decided I needed one boy and one girl *shot*




Robyn has new friend ;}

Project MONSTAH.

28 Jan

So I’m trying to get this project done in a week, it’s a doll mod project. I found a site called junga toys who sell unfaced doll heads @____@! What an oppertunity I thought to do some major modding! Just to crave my insatable want to carve slice and dice resin. *evil laugh*
So here I present you with my progress so far on a character called Kayty :] I’ve wanted him as a doll for a while but I could never get the right mold for him :c

Blank Junga toy head! is suprizingly small when you get it and I didn’t know whether it was the right head but you soon realise that it kind of needs to be smaller cause you build on top duh also the resin tag at the top of the head was annoyingly difficult to get rid of. Required alot of cutting and sanding. WELL BUILT RESIN I SAY.


You see some massive jump between skull like head and fleshed out head XD I was too busy with appoxie to take pictures, I used Junga’s own brand first and then the grey stuff ontop is my own appoxie (much easier to work with LOL)

Now I kind of didn’t bother with photos till I knew the body project wouldn’t be a complete fail XD I also forgot to take any photos of his head finished but I guess that’ll be later. The body is an old body that I was given to mess around with. I just used the parts for other dolls till I used it for this! I was so scared cutting the stomach but it worked out to be a very nice feature : D

All strung together! minus the arms, I have yet to make them XD

God I realise how tall he is from those photos @____@’ gah! So much more to do! Wish me luck XD


7 Jan

I’ve been working like crazy on my accursed essay which is due in on monday 8C though I found time today to paint these two lovelies.

Pkf Zoe Commission, was asked to do a natural boy faceup!

Pkf Ante Commission, was asked to do a fairy faceup! I wish I had eyes to put in this one XD

Also some love from my little freak of a Seorin,

his faceup wasn’t done by my but by Pandatoots, I just tweaked it a little XD *cry*

Chiwoooo [Edit]

2 Jan

Chiwoo with more opened eye /o/

Hmmmm here’s some shots of a recent commission of a winking chiwoo :3


19 Dec

Here’s some photo’s of a little puki piki I’m selling, these pics are for the owner to see the new faceup I gave her :]