11 Mar

I forgot to update this poor ol blog for a while now, heres some updates!

Yder finally got finished :3 his owner was very happy when she got him ❤

I was commissioned to paint two Bory heads seen here

I’m working on a Lati Green Lea, she won’t be finished till my deadlines are gone next week

I finished the triple littlefee commission and I was very pleased how they turned out!
Dreaming Elf Ante


Elf Ante

I was very lucky recently in recieving a Vesuvia from a friend, I modified her faceup a little bit (green eyebrows and red lips) so she suited the character I gave her more. She looks so pretty ❤ I won't spam my blog with pictures of her though haha. Thats what my flickr is for.

I’m also killing time, not really working on my projects…bad me T_T I’ve been tweeking my sculpted head into a troll though, IT REALLY WORKS. I’m looking forward to painting him when I get the time. Sorry for the horrid picture quality, this one was from my phone keke.

Also been drawing a bit…

I’ll be posting that pic on www.rebels-revenge.deviantart.com (I don’t think the link works but just copy and paste it into your browser address) whenever I finish it…..
Now I’m waiting for my new unoa to arrive :3 Yey Chibi ❤


One Response to “WHUPS”

  1. Jo March 24, 2011 at 8:56 PM #

    That troll is awesome ^^

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